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2012 Calendar

Organising the calendar
Posted: 29 Dec 2011 - By: Cariblue
Dear All

James Pickford has asked me to help organise the Rival Calendar 2012. All a bit late but if you are interested read on.

I think we are looking for decent exterior shots of your Rival sailing or at anchor in a nice setting or tied up somewhere interesting.

Please submit your pics by Jan 15th as a decent quality JPEG (horizontal rather than vertical or I will have to crop) to:
Mark Easton
with the name of the boat and the location.

(please note my email cannot take a file size larger than 10mb. If you have something larger then I will send you a link where you can upload it).
(also if you send me pics I will send a note to say I have them. If you don't get the note within about 2 days then I may not have received the email and perhaps try again.)

The Plan:
If we get enough (at least 12 good pics) I will cobble them together for a proposed Calendar and then produce a sample version that I can put online for viewing. I will be doing it via Apple's iPhoto.

13" x 10.4" hanging wall calendar.
?21.58 (including UK mainland postage

I have had some pics from one member so far but if we don't get enough by say Jan 15th then probably it is a no-goer and we will try again for 2013 at an earlier date this time.

If it all goes ahead and you have seen the sample and want to order just let me know by email how many and where to post to and I'll let you know the exact cost. Then when I have a cheque from you I will order it to be sent direct to you. There's no minimum order so we can order 1 or 200.

There is only space for a limited number of pics so we will have to choose the best ones - hopefully I can get Michael Smith and James Pickford to approve the choices.

Many thanks all.


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