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Mercedes Om 636

(New member) Mai Mojana Rival 38
Posted: 8 Apr 2016 - By: Philip Darley

Hi All,

My wife and I are the proud owners of a Rival 38A, preserved in France in St Tropez from the late 1970's. We've had her for a year already although haven't sailed much because we've been out in Moscow in the meantime. But we're getting work done on her at the moment. And plan to get her back to the UK one way or the other (via Russia and the Baltic?) later in the year. She is in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. There are not a whole lot of Rivals on the Black sea!

First things first, does anyone one have the engine manual for the Mercedes Om 636? Or know where I can get a hold of one? Would you be able to post me a copy of it. I was hoping I'd find details like that here, on the website.

Another long winded question, that I'm not working on now, but am thinking about - has anyone relayed all halyards to go to the main cockpit on the Rival 38A? If so, what has the experience of this been? Would you recommend it? I have a thousand other questions and thoughts, but thought I'll start gently. Oh - is there anyway to get all forum posts sent to our emails regularly. I thought this would be a good way to boost correspondence here... or maybe I'm just new and still to enthusiastic.

Yours Truly,

Philip Darley  



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