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R34 keel measurement please

Posted: 30 Dec 2015 - By: Mawal
Seasons greetings to all. My R34 is still afloat due to weather and dredging complications at the local boatyard causing a large backlog in the liftout queue. I am making a trailer for the boat as an alternative to a crane out. If anyone could please take a keel measurement of an R34 on the hard, preferably a deep keel version, I would appreciate it. I have the drawings but I would like a measurement of the keel width at its base at the widest point so that I can use the appropriate width of channel iron where the keel will rest on the trailer. Also a measurement of keel length at its base would be great. I do have drawings but a real world figure would be nice. I will post up photos and description of the trailer fabrication when finished. Thanks in advance Alan


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