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Aquair towed water turbine

Posted: 31 May 2015 - By: Gavin & Georgie McLaren

We have an Aquair 100 towed water generator and need a new towed turbine for it (actually we need two but that's a tale for the confessional). However Ampair seems to have been taken over and possibly moved from Dorset to Norther Ireland or maybe gone into liquidation. We are getting no replies to emails to the 'holding' company.

Does anyone know who took over the Ampair stock, or have any idea where we might be able to get a towed turbine and break-away connector? Or perhaps an email address for them if they still exist. We've seen nothing on ebay and trying to phone around likely sources from the Caribbean is difficult.

Or maybe someone has a turbine they no longer need and might be willing to sell?

Gavin and Georgie Margaret Wroughton


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