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Questions for you to ponder
Posted: 2 Nov 2009 - By:
Many of you will have seen the pictures in an advert of an R36 sporting a Rocnar anchor mounted on the stemhead. Also, the article in this month's Yachting Monthly had some interesting photography of anchors on a flat, sandy seabed.
Both of these pieces seemed to denigrate the CQR anchor for reasons that I have to admit are beyond me.
The advert for Rocnar naturally enough was a puff for their own product but the owner of the R36 decided to describe his CQR as a dinosaur.
Now we all have our own favourites. I prefer using CQRs because in 50 years of cruising (yes - 50) I've normally used them and they have not let me down. I carry a Fisherman for weedy anchorages and prefer a Danforth as a stern anchor in the Med, again because experience has shown it 39;t know tells you its old fashioned or because a single item in a magazine article suggests its no good?
I think I know your answers but would love to hear other views and experiences.


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