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Contessa 32 vs R34

Which is best? Non-member query
Posted: 11 Dec 2008 - By: Michael Smith
I have received the query below from a non-member who is trying to choose between these two yachts. 33; 34s.

I am poised to buy either a Rival 34 or a Contessa 32. (There was a nice exchange on the web about this in 2004 started by someone in exactly the same dilemma). I am being strongly urged by a friend who owns a Contessa 32 to go for one of them. They are beautiful and fast and seaworthy; I have sailed his boat and I'm convinced. But what about his claim that the Rival 34 is heavy and slow - very strong; but won't move until the wind blows hard. He swears that if I buy one it will trundle along getting further and further left behind in his wake.

To complicate matters there's a Rival 34 for sale exactly where I want to keep a boat and the details include the comment that the berth can be transferred. Very tempting.

I've always admire the beauty of the Rival 34. Please will you tell me, straight, whether these boats are slow; and any other stuff I ought to know.

With thanks and best wishes

Jerome Satterthwaite"


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