Membership & Joining Instructions

If you would like to join please download the Membership Application Form and, when completed, send to our Membership Secretary, Sue Middleton. Her details can be found here .  For the moment, please use the address on the form and not the "contact us" area of the website.

The cost of membership is £30 per annum and the subscription  year runs from 1st January to 31st December.   

New members residing in the UK are encouraged to complete a standing order mandate, available on request from the treasurer, as this simplifies the Treasurer's task considerably and minimises the risk of renewal being overlooked.

New members in countries where the Association has local groups (currently the USA, Netherlands and Belgium) may instead contact their local Vice-President via the links on the About Us, Committee page and pay in their local currencies.

PAYPAL - International members now also have the option of paying by PayPal - contact the Membership Secretary for details.

An ROA burgee or member's flag is provided to new members. Replacement burgees and member's flags are available from Sue for a cost of £10.

Members are encouraged to update their details via Your Area, Edit Your Info on the website and inform the Membership Secretary of any changes

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